When God meets those unknown needs

In the emptiness of a dark quiet road,

It’s the loneliness alone on board.

All that is lost is lost forever,

Had everything in it till lasting never.

Every second, every minute, every hour;

Consciousness becomes a worst enemy at war.

Doesn’t it feel weird when your own heart betrays you?

Or when your own thoughts battle with your mind, having no clue?

A river of tears flows from you,

When it touches the ground, the Earth knows the meaning is true.

The feeling of emotions felt no more,

Hatred towards lasting love could only grow.

Then in the valley of sorrows, you lose your smile;

Bring a starting think to your life for a while.

Some changes you wish it would happen,

But fortunate happiness just seem to sadden.

You pause for a glance at your past,

That moment of joy in your heart is vast.

A crave to be happy is when you fake your laughter,

No one knows the trials you’re facing then after.

Once surrounded by a crowd of people all so known,

Your outside person then leaves your inner sadness alone.

Your frown turned the other way round,

So the emotions you’re facing shouldn’t be found.

Your issues get high above your head,

Tears on your pillow, a silent cry on bed.

Self-confidence lost, presence of mind so low;

Confused, lost and feels like no place to go.

In the face of shattered dreams and dreadful fears,

Never ending sorrows cry out with painful tears.

Hopes get higher and split into many,

At that confusing time, the right people, you hardly find any.

Confronting that wretched final phase,

You look up above with a deserving face.

Waiting patiently with much anticipation,

Expecting God to help your situation.

An assurance shall be upon thee,

When He accepts your weeping prayers, gleefully.

A day will come when you reach eternal blessing,

When In God, your hopes keep trusting.

An ever-longing desire that my heart pleads,

When God meets, life’s unknown needs.