You Are Who You Are

Let’s confess things to ourselves right now. How many of us have had those people we hated in high school? I know ‘hate’ is a strong word but in my case if there was a stronger word than that, I’d use it.

Here I am now, looking back at when I was fourteen-fifteen years old, young, naive, and influenced by ‘friends’ who were supposed to have my back, but didn’t.

There came a phase where I realised that there’s no point hating someone just so that you could look cool or blend in with those who hated the same person. As an obvious consequence of that, I lost my so called friends and all the attention I had gained from them. My best-school-friend walked out on me ’cause apparently her parents thought I was a bad influence on her. Ha! See what I mean? I was the one being influenced by people, but here I was, being the bad-bad influence on others now.

That transition confused me so very much, that I actually became the person my best friend’s parents claimed I was. My parents were amazing, they still are, but at that time, I was a loose cannon yet they held on to me when everyone else didn’t think twice of letting go.

Life was now moving on to this spot where I couldn’t decided between keeping myself happy, and pleasing others. Somebody answer this for me – What should we do when we’re trying to keep someone else happy and we’re not happy?

Is life all about compromises? Will we ever find that place of unending joy? Will my heart ever be at ease? Can I stop doubting myself as a person? So many questions left unanswered, just because of what happened when I was fourteen. (that was like 6 years ago, I’m not that old. Pshh!)

Life is all about decisions. It’s all about compromises we might have to make along the way. Life is all about sacrifices. Life is all about ifs and buts. Life is all about adjustments.

But don’t just see it from that perspective. Take a look at life and all what it’s about from this angle –

Life is all about those choices which only you can make, THIS IS YOUR LIFE and YOUR CHOICE we’re talking about! Life is all about taking risks and seeing how things work out. Life is all about new beginnings. Life is all about taking a stand for yourself even when the world walks out on you. Life is all about acceptance; accept those ups and downs (once you’ve accepted a phase, you’ll move on to doing something about it rather than moaning). Life is all about change. It’s all about how we see things. Life is all about emotions, it’s about all those feelings that rush through you. Most of all, Life is about expecting the unexpected.

If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail. – Heraclitus

To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect. – Oscar Wilde

For those wondering if I’m still a wreck – No, because I’ve learned to accept life and all it’s wonders, one day at a time. I’ve achieved so much more since the age of sixteen, I’ve done well for myself, achieved all what I never thought I could, (definitely stuck it to my ‘best friend’ from school). I then grew up with much better friends in school and church, and you know what, they’re still my best of best friends. Give life a chance, and watch it fall perfectly into its place.

Be proud of who you are; there’s no one else like you.